Youngest NBA player

Considering  the  youngest  NBA player  as  of  recent the  lists  shows how  NBA  players  have  reduced  their  life  span.This list will make you surprised to see your favorite NBA player shown on the list.Let us get started from the first to the last. It is always hard for some people to tell their real age and it is known that old is gold as they say but some people don’t want to be old as it may be opposed to others be it  in sports lineage or anything else,here we profile and show you the detailed youngest NBA player  to be in the know of them all so that no one stake on such  matter.

Jermaine  O’Neal

17 years old and was drafted by the Portland Trail blazers.

Kobe   Byrant

He is also  17 years old with some days.He was chosen by Charlotte  Hornet as 13th of the 1996 selection.

Andrew  Bynum

 He is among the youngest NBA players at 17 years old and 256 days.He was drafted by Los Angeles as the 10th pick overall. 

 Bill Willoughby

He himself , Bill at age 18 years old, was selected by the Atlanta hawks as the 9th player for the overall pick in 1975. 

Tracy McGrady

18 years of age and the Toronto Raptors chose him in the 1997 draft as the overall pick.

Yaroslav Korolev

He is 18 years old and was selected by the Los angels clippers in the 2005 draft.  

Al harrington

18 years of age.He was selected by the Indiana Pacers for his overall career in 1998.

Andrei Kirilenko

 He is 18 years old. and 187 days.He was chosen by Utah jazz as 24th his subsequent career and hard work  in 1999.

Giannis Antetokounmpo:

 He is 18 years and 235 days.  He geared his career to the highest level and  managed to score the position  of 25th during the selection process in 2013. 

Robert  Swift

 He is also among those who are the youngest NBA players.He was chosen by the one

  Seattle supersonics as the 12th in 2004 for his  performance.

Dorell Wright

He is also 18 years old and 209 days.He is also among the chosen ones by the Miami Heat.

Dwight Howard

He is 18 years old  and 203 day.He was  selected by Orlando magic for his hard working position and overall pick in 2004. 

Sekou Doumbouya

 He is  still among those who are mentioned to be the youngest NBA player.  He is 18 years old and 183 day, He  was selected by the Detroit  Piston as the 15th champion overall pick.

Jonathan Bender

He is 18 years  and some 155 days.He is also known for his humble behavior in NBA history.He was chosen by Toronto Raptors as the 11th key player in the 1999 draft.

Darryl Dawkins

He is also listed among the youngest NBA players.He is 18 years old  and 180 days old.He was selected by the Philadelphia 76ers for his 5th position in the 1975 draft.  

Andrei Kirilenko 

He is 18 years  and 138 days like the aforementioned NBA player.

CJ Miles 

He is also among the young guy in NBA sports. He  is counted  18 years and 105 day, he was selected by  Utah jazz as 34th in the 2005

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