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As  different    talents  continue  to emerge  in  the industry  of sports all  over  the world, sports  have  been put forward  and embraced  in Africa  by  the  African descendants  back in  time  for more  than  ten centuries, however, besides  early times  of  sports categories,  in  this  era there has a modification in the  industry of  sports  bringing in  new  sports  kinds and  ways  of playing.

Africa’s sports  industry  has  had many challenges  compared  to other  continents  in the world but  that  has  not left  her  behind as sports  is concerned. Many  games  are  played  and  are  regarded like  in  other  continents  of  the world and we  have  discussed  them  down  here so  that  you do not have to raise  augments whether they are  played or not.

 Lists   of  sports  in  Africa


From  north  to south, east to west,  football  is most  popular  on  the  continent  of Africa  and  football   incredibly exciting game with origins tracing back in  in the day  of  british Africa mostly begins at the grassroots level, hence , many football stars began their careers on local football.It is known that football  is part of life for the African since it has made some the players to be more recognized internationally linking them to the global sports.


Africa  is an athletic  power giant ,There is no doubt that athletics has put Africa on Basketball

Since  its  embracement  in 1960, basketball  has put  Africa  on the global  map. Young African boys and girls love basketball and it’s widely played in neighborhoods for fun, as well dominates schools. According to statistics from NIKE FIBA World Men Rankings last updated on August 21, 2016, south Africa tops the continent at number 16 globally with 106.2 points.


Wrestling has always  been part  of  many African countries. It began in the villages hundreds of years ago, and farmers would go to wrestle to pass the time or watch various fights. on matches. Have been  watched as  participants  rave  to see that  each win. Wrestling matches are lively with singing, dancing, cheering, and also attract large crowds. 


Rugby Africa is the administrative body for rugby union in Africa under world rugby authority. So far 37 member nations have embraced rugby sports even by running tournaments  in 15s and 7s for national team including Africa cup for rugby. Rugby best teams including  Namibia, Morocco, Kenya and South Africa. 

Rugby teams in Africa are being set to play their  world  cup qualifiers 2023


Cricket  is  also  common  in AFrica like any other  sports.


Throughout the continent of Africa, points are awarded  to  the finisher of the race and final  general classification for th standin  race stag.


Motor rallies are common among African countries which give rise to many participants and talented  drivers across the continent.  This kind of sports  involves the use of motor cars through  different courses of coiled routes. It is a big  event in Africa like the one which took place in Kenya in 2021 the so called Safari motor rally and was won by Sebastien  Ogier

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