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Sports Betting Africa: Trusted Sports Betting Sites in Africa

We welcome you to the ultimate guide , you will now understand facts surrounding sports betting and other gambling sections in Africa. The continent is a home to 1.2 billion people spread over 54 countries, Africa is one of the most diverse continents in the world.

Sports Betting Websites for African Sports Bettors , from Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria , Ghana, Cameroon , South Africa

The rules and regulations for online betting differ from one state to another,  some African  markets are regulated while others are not, the laws regulating the entire gambling industry vary across the continent, but there is one important thing to note: people from Africa  enjoy sports betting ! Africans love football, this because about 75% of the online bettors look for sportsbooks and specifically football games from the top world leagues for instance English Premier League, UEAFA leagues and more

Big Casino Games is an online site, and our main objective is to advocate for safe gambling, we are always here to help bettors find the best African betting sites where they can place their bets and win money, betting sites that have best stable boosted odds, massive bonuses and maxi wagering limits.

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Benefits from Sports Betting Africa Online Sites

1]. Registered players can easily claim free bets and deposit bonuses, these bonuses vary from one sports betting site to another.
2]. Sports betting Africa sites offer affordable payments methods that can be used by players while depositing and withdrawing their funds.
3]. Sports betting Africa sites offer mobile apps versions for their players to easily place their bets through mobile devices.
4]. Betting sites in Africa offers instant withdrawals. No delays, you can take your money at any time
5]. Offer variety of sports betting games from all over the world’s biggest sporting events.

How to Choose a Perfect Online Betting Site in Africa

There are lots of indicators to be considered while selecting a perfect online betting site to signup with in Africa. Yes, you got right, there are quite essential factors every bettor should consider in order to get an online betting site that will satisfy their expectations.

But that doesn’t mean a blanket approach should be taken, and while there are many reputable bookmakers, there are also less legitimate operations (particularly within Africa), where the regulation is sketchy, and the financial base is about as secure as a house of cards.

Therefore, it is important to undertake due diligence (we can help with that!) to establish which are the go-to firms, and which are the ones to be avoided like the proverbial plague.

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How to Choose a Perfect Online Betting Site in Africa

One of the most important factors to consider by every online bettor, every one must understand the available currency options that can be used when depositing to the betting account and most importantly during withdrawals. Those who want a popular option such as US dollars, Euro or GBP will have a wide range of choices, but if a customer is determined to get the currency of their native country, they may have to stick to local betting sites only.

If you are looking for a perfect online sports betting Africa site, a platform that will offer you variety of games, instant withdrawals and safe transactions, consider reading these 3 factors below.

1]. Supported Currencies

crypto betting africa
crypto sports betting in Africa

One of the most important factors to consider by every online bettor, every one must understand the available currency options that can be used when depositing to the betting account and most importantly during withdrawals. Those who want a popular option such as US dollars, Euro or GBP will have a wide range of choices, but if a customer is determined to get the currency of their native country, they may have to stick to local betting sites only.

2]. Sports Betting Odds Distribution

Apart from reliability and ability to execute payouts by the online sports betting site, all players need to verify the quality of odds in comparison with other competitors in the regions, all players are always looking for big odds, live stable odds that can enable them make some good money online.

It is important to note that some players like certain sports, and if they are not available on the games library [ collection ], this can as well make them change their minds regarding which betting site to use. New betting sites may not cover horse racing or esports, while more established sites with greater liquidity may offer odds on every horse race and even publish esports predictions.

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3]. Licensing and Regulation

In order to remain safe and make secure betting activities, bettors may need to find out online betting sites that are fully licensed and regulated in their respective jurisdictions or betting sites that are allowed to accept players from a specific region. All above mentioned betting sites accept players from Africa and offers them instant welcomes bonuses and other benefits.

Popular Deposit Methods Accepted by Sports Betting Africa Sites

Most betting sports betting Africa sites accept debit/credit cards such as Visa and Mastercard, and historically this has been the default deposit method for most bettors world wide. However, due to anonymous betting requirements, some betting methods have been added up to offer discreet payment transactions for the online bettors.

Many players opt for e-wallets as their preferred deposit option because they can quickly and cheaply transfer money without levy hefty transaction fees , allows instant cash withdrawals , more bookmakers without it having to hit their bank account. Some of the most popular e-wallets for betting include PayPal, NETELLER and Skrill or the widely used crypto wallets for BTC and Tether USDT.

Other payments methods include virtual prepaid cards such as paysafecard being the popular one, and in countries where there are brick and mortar shops, it is often possible to load money onto an online account by depositing cash, or via a voucher.

Mobile commerce services are becoming increasingly popular in Africa [ MTN Mobile Money , Airtel Money , mPesa and more ] and most online betting sites still accept bank wires and cheques, although this method takes significantly longer.

How to Claim Free Bets and Bonuses from Sports Betting Africa Sites?

1]. Create an account with an online betting site that offers any bonus promotion that you are interested. Several sports betting Africa sites are offering varying bonus systems to their players thus for this reason the choice hangs into the hands of the individual player.

2]. Follow the terms and conditions that apply to each sports betting company. Most especially the deposit bonuses, some bonuses are available on first deposits while others have recurring bonuses.

Note: It is always important to check the terms and conditions when signing up to a bookmaker after seeing an attractive bonus or offer. Things to check out are the terms and conditions, most notably the rollover requirements for the bonus. Extremely high rollover requirements can result in you losing both your free bet and the funds you added.

3]. Refer a friend to sign up and win massive bonuses real money. By partnering with an online sports betting company in Africa, it becomes evident that you will be rewarded for executing their respective referral programs from time to time.

How popular is online sports betting in Africa?

Online sports betting has expended to majority of African countries , lots of thanks to the power of fastest steady internet that allows 24/7 online betting betting activities . The online sports betting has exploded around the continent due to the drastic incerase in use of mobile devices, more affordable gadgets, and internet speeds have increased greatly. In Africa especially, where not everyone can afford a computer, sometimes the cheapest and easiest way to bet online is through a mobile device.

Most online betting sites now offer mobile optimized websites. You can access local and international betting via your mobile browser and log in just as you would on desktop. As most sites are developed using HTML5 technology, the layout adjusts to fit the smaller screen.

Mobile apps deployment: The big firms typically also offer a downloadable iPhone or Android app, which allows players a bit of additional speed and functionality. The best betting apps require little storage space and allow you to log in with one tap, meaning you can take advantage of the latest in-play betting markets.

Popular Sports Betting Games in Africa

a]. Football
b]. Cricket
c]. Golf
e]. Boxing
f]. Horse racing
g]. Rugby
h]. Tennis and motorsports
j]. American football
k]. Baseball
l]. Basketball

If you’re a resident in Africa and you are interested in the opportunities of online betting, BIG CASINO GAMES remains the right place for all your betting expert information through your online gambling career. We are always confident this site can help you identify an ideal sports betting s website for you to call home. One of probably the handiest components about Africa best online betting is that you could place bets any time of the day. This means you don’t have to wait around or go wherever to place a bet, instead you are able to do it on your terms whenever you need.

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Is Sports Betting in Africa Secure and Legal?

Yes , sports betting in Africa is legal though there are several restrictions with in some jurisdictions. The laws regulating sports betting Africa differs from one state to another . Therefore, it is always good understand those countries where online betting secure and legalized. Many African countries require online betting sites to operate with their local licenses rather only Europeans or Maltese licenses

Sports Betting Africa: Top Sports Betting Countries in Africa

Sports Betting Regulatory Bodies in African States Listed Below:

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