Oldest player in NBA

Nene  is 37 years old.   

  He  has  played  eight  seasons .

  He  has  managed  to  play  in  three teams  include  wizards,      Nuggets  and rockets

He  boasts  of  being  among  the  selected  players  who  played  for the Brazilian  national  team  on  national level in 2012  and  2016 after  his  franchise player in nba

Udonis Haslem

Udonis  is aged  39 years , 179 days.

He  has  seven  season  played,  played  for  Miami  heat.

Haslem has always been a very key role player on the Heat. He  has  been blessed enough to have played  during the heights  of the Heat’s most successful years   in his career, winning titles in 2006, 2012, and 2013.

Kyle Korver.

This  man kyle  has  36 years of age, 263  days  and  

Seasons: 17 (2003-Present)

He has successfully  played in  teams  like  bucks,  hawks, jazz  and  bulls.

He got the NBA record for highest 3-point  goal percentage ever for one season at .536% and has shot an outstanding  43% from  three  in his  career.

 Nene Hilario

Consider  the following  oldest  list  of  players  in  NBA  history.

Nat HickeY

He    made  it  45 years  of  age.

He played 27 seasons  from 1921  to  1948.

He played  in 14  teams  like   New york crescent, chicago, Boston Trojans, original celtics and  many but  mention  a few.

He  was a professional  basketball  player in various  leagues that  came before the NBA.

His career setting age record was a bit of his own doing as he motivated  himself as a player and a coach for a couple of games during his  lifetime of sports.

Robert Parish

He  is  43 year  old

He played  21  seasons  from  1976  to 1997 before  he stopped  in the field  of  nba.

He played  on teams  like the Hornets, Bulls ,  Warriors and celtics.

Robert Parish is commonly recognised  for  his successful results while in  Boston Celtics where he, with the likes of Larry Bird, Kevin McHale, Bill.

Parish was the consensus third-best player on the team and averaged 15 points and 9 rebounds per game for his career. 

 Vince Carter

He  is 42  years  old.

He played  22 seasons  from 1998  to present.

He  played  for 8 teams  like kings, suns, magic,  raptors mavericks  and nets.

Vince Carter opened into the NBA dated in 1998 with all hope of a player that would make  records in the  worlds of  NBA sports. Carter was also famous for his high flier and potent scores  in his career.

His  averaged 23 points per game for the first 12 years of his career and was named to 8 All-Star teams. One of those All-Star weekends, he had all eyes on him as he participated, and won, one of the most jaw-dropping Slam Dunk Contests in 2000 that the fans had ever seen.

Dikembe Mutombo

He    made  it at 42 years  of  age.

He played 19 seasons  from 1991  to  2009.

He played  in 6  teams  like    Nets, Knicks, Rockets, Nuggets, Hawks,

He is considered  by  his hard work  that  put his  team Nets  at  point  number one at   national  level.

Below  here  are  still  the  oldest  NBA  players  in history  and  of  recent  time to be looked at.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar .He  made  his  42 years  old 

Bob Cousy Also  made  (41 years

Herb Williams 41 years, 

John Stockton 41 years

Charles Jones 41 years, 

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