India fantasy sports market


India has been seeing a growing number fantasy lovers. The table below illustrates =fantasy sports users in India. The data is collected from top 5 states.

State No. of players(million)/Annum Attributed reason to sport growth
Maharashtra45.4-Increased technological gaming development
Tamil Nadu 33.3– Massive external gaming investments
– Fantasy sports app in India , more and advanced mobile applications have been developed for the sport players
 Uttar Pradesh 30.5– The future of fantasy sports in India is positive. This has attributed massive foreign investments

– Legality of fantasy sports in India, the authority allows fantasy game players to hit the online platforms and win more money
Example: , offers $200 bet credit on signup
Karnataka29.3 – How to start fantasy sports business in India and other FAQs have been professionally handled by industry experts.

-All people know the Pros an d Cons regarding fantasy sports betting India
Gujarat22.9 n- Evolution of blockchain gaming and crypto currencies serves a positive indicator to the future of fantasy sports in India

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