Highest paid MLB player

It  seems  wonderful  to hear  about  the  highest  paid  MLB player  and   the  amount  of  money  might  cause you   to tremble due  to the huge  dime  deal/ contract  person secured  in the  MLB   history  of  sports  ever .

In 2019, Mike Trout signed a 12-year, $426 million contract with the Angels, the richest contract in the history of North American sports. Alex Rodriguez earned the highest salary in MLB in 2013 at $28,000,000. He also has the highest career earnings in MLB history.

Mike Trout, Los Angeles Angels

Contract: 12 Years (2018-2030), $426 Million

At some point in the decade, the current all-time salary ranking will have to be completely revamped. When that happens, Mike Trout will join that list as his current extension is only $20 million less than Alex Rodriguez’s total career earnings. 

Trevor Bauer, Los Angeles Dodgers

Trevor Bauer became the most coveted player on the market. The 2020 National League Cy Young Award posted his best season to date with the Cincinnati Reds, ending the year 5-4 with a 1.73 ERA in 11 games.

Gerrit Cole, New York Yankees

 Contract: 9 Years (2011-2021), $324 Million 

  Jaco  deGrom, New York Met                                                                                                 

Contract of $137.5 Million Considered to be one of the best pitchers in the MLB, deGrom is a three-time All-Star with two First-Team appearances and two National League Cy Young Awards

 Zack Greinke, Houston Astros

Contract: 6 Years (2016-2021), $206.5 Million

Acquired by the Houston Astros in 2019, Greinke remains one of the league’s top veterans and still pulls in excellent numbers proving that he is very much worth the money. 

 Stephen Strasburg

Contract: 7 Years (2020-2026), $245 Million 

Pulling in $35 million this season, Stephen Strasburg put together a 2019 playoff performance worthy of being in the baseball hall of fame, leading 

 Justin Verlander

Contract: 2 Years (2020-2021), $66 Million

 Bryce Harper

Contract: 13 Years (2019-2032), $330 Million

One of baseball’s best talents, Bryce Harper started   his career with the Washington Nationals Since signing with Philadelphia, he has maintained much of the same success that he had in Washington, hitting 35 home runs in 2019.                                                                                                             Alex Rodriguez

 Seasons: 22

Average  Earnings: $450 Million

A-Rod earned an estimated $450 million during the course of his 22-year career. 

 Clayton Kershaw, Los Angeles Dodgers

 Seasons: 14

Average  Earnings: $228 Million

Riding high on the Dodgers World Series victory against the Tampa Bay Rays, the eight-time All-Star will enjoy a $23 million salary as a part of the $93 million contract extension he signed with the Dodgers back in 2018. Kershaw has earned $228 million to date,

Manny Ramirez

Average  Earnings: 232.1 Million.  One of the most beloved players in the history of Major League         Baseball, Manny Ramirez brought in $232 Million in a career that included  twelve All-Star appearances, and two championships with the Boston Red Sox, where Ramirez experienced his highest yearly salaries. The hall of famer retired from the MLB in 2011.                                                      Carlos Beltran

Average  Earnings: $248.9 Million

While Beltrán has  some controversy recently, that doesn’t take away from his professional accomplishments as a player. Beltrán collected $248.9 million in a career that spanned 20 years, playing for eight different teams during the course of his 20 seasons.                                                                      

Justin Verlander

 Earnings: $241 Million. Undoubtly   those  are  the  highest  paid  MLB  player

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