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Several gaming platforms are seen being developed in India and other parts of East Asia like Sri Lanka , Napel , Tibet and neighboring regions.

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This successful gaming development has been seen for the second year in a row since 2019. This is such an incredible step to see the gaming industry taking off.

The gaming platforms in India saw massive investments and s=developments due to pandemic lockdown . This forced players to search for the highest watching live stream on youtube in regard to the online gaming topics.

For instance, the online jackpot lottery in India attracted several people in the country to take to the Internet for their everyday needs and means of winning huge bets.

The online gaming platforms were among the top beneficiaries from this trend and this is reflected in the investments that the segment attracted last year.

Game Streaming Platforms in India – sponsored by

India has drastically seen a rise in game streaming platforms due to the massive demand from the online gamers audience.

The list below highlights top game streaming platforms in India, or even further in the East Asia region.

1]. Twitch

Developed specifically for gamers and other digital lifestyle audiences.

Twitch is a live streaming channel, it aims to promote and create communities around a common and streamable interest.

2]. Smashcast

Smashcast is a live streaming gaming network that enables players to expand their individual relationship to live streaming sites.

How to join Smashcast in India?

To freely access the platform, the user needs to create an account before enjoying the scalable inbuilt digital features.

3]. YouTube:

Everybody knows YouTube, it is not new because it a global video repository under the internet giant Google

For instance, the highest watching live stream on youtube in India pubg, this video game has been running for a period of time.

The video game streaming network might not be the most glamorous streaming website out there, but its beauty

4]. HitBox

The HitBox user interface is much the same as that of most rival subscription services for video games.

5]. Azubu.

Azubu is a well-organized platform for live streaming that focuses on esports.

6]. Bigo Live

Bigo Live is the fastest growing live gaming platform that has gained much limelight.

7]. Disco Melee

Disco Melee is a popular website for social media, streaming, and gaming. The website provides viewers with quick viewing choices. It was cluttered with a lot of pointless things.

Mobile Premier League India

Mobile Premier League commonly abbreviated as MPL is a giant online gaming platform in India.

Mobile Premier League India offers a majority of games on a single digital platform to players or career experienced gamers.

For example:

a]. Fantasy sports
b]. Rummy,
c]. Chess,
d]. Quiz Fruit Chop,
e]. 8 ball 3D Pool,
f]. Carrom
And more …

This esports platform India allows players to play and win real money for playing their favorite online games from online gaming platforms of India.

This sounds fun, right? has too of course!!

With Mobile Premier League India, a player can play more than 400+ games including fantasy sports on their mobile gadgets without hassle to win great prizes.

Highest Watching Live Stream on YouTube in India pubg

1 – Mortal
2 – Dynamo Gaming
3 – Scout
4 – Nobru
5 – Total Gaming
6 – Gyan Gaming
7 – Soul Regaltos

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