Euromillions Lottery India 2022

EuroMillions was launched way back  in 2004 as the pioneering multinational European lottery.

The Euromillions lottery quickly became more popular among the players across the continent ( Europe and Eurasia).

Initially the Euromillions lottery was only played in Spain, France and the UK. Yes, it is true, this looks to be a very small number .

However, currently there are now a total of 9 European countries which participate in the EuroMillions lottery draws.

When does the Euromillions lottery take place?

 Euromillions lottery draws take place every Tuesday and Friday night.

 The jackpot has a minimum value of €17 million (approximately Rs. 146 Crore)

 But it can roll over and increase in value to a cap of €220 million (Rs. 1,888 Crore).

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How to play the Euromillions lottery India?

Massive Kudos to lottery concierge services, interested players can now  play EuroMillions lottery India via the lottery online platform from India. 

The concierge service simply buys a lottery ticket on your behalf.

This is done from the  nine EuroMillions countries and a copy of the ticket is t then immediately uploaded to the player’s account.

What is the standard Euromillions ticket price?

The standard EuroMillions ticket price goes for only €2.50 (Rs. 215)

However, the online concierge services may charge a different price based on the exact service they provide. 

 For Indian players, easily follow the steps below to get your tickets now and take your chance at the next big Euro Lotto jackpot:

1]. Log onto Lottery Tickets page.Quickly choose ‘Play Now’ tab under EuroMillions.

2]. Then pick your lucky numbers. Choose 5 numbers from 1 to 50. Then the 2 Lucky Stars from 1 to 12

3]. Repeat step 2 on multiple grids if you want to play more than one set of numbers

4].Then choose the days you need to play. The draws are always open on Tuesday and Friday nights. You can choose to play on both days.

5]. !Important*  Choose how many weeks you need to play. You can as well make a continuous subscription.

6]. Now quickly add your entries to the cart

7]. Register an account with the online provider or sign in to an existing one

8]. Pay for your entries

 Yaah, as simple as that.. Then you are already in the Euromillions lottery India.. Goodluck!

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